ADS Chapter 312

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Eligibility of Commodities

Functional Series 300 – Acquisition & Assistance

Partial Revision Date: 06/17/2020
Responsible Office: GC/A&A and GH
File Name: 312_061720


This chapter provides the policy directives and required procedures

  1. To assure that the resources made available by USAID in the form of commodities make a positive contribution to development.
  2. To assure that USAID programs are implemented in full accord with the Foreign Assistance Act, other pertinent laws, and relevant U.S. policies.
  3. To provide for the quality of pharmaceuticals.
  4. To provide for economical procurement of contraceptive products.

This chapter covers the policies on the eligibility of commodities for financing with program funds. It does not deal with programmatic determinations of commodity eligibility. The policy on motor vehicles also applies to Operating Expense funds.