ADS Reference 309mad

Speeches Shim

Competition and Publicizing, and Class Justification and Approval (J&A) for Limited Competition for PSCs

A Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 309

Partial Revision Date: 07/01/2020
Responsible Office: M/OAA/P
File Name: 309mad_070120


This Mandatory Reference to ADS 309 contains--

  • Revisions to AIDAR Appendices D and J based on class deviation #M/OAADEV-AIDAR-19-02c (Tab 1);
  • A Class Justification and Approval (J&A) for Other than Full and Open Competition Covering Certain Categories of Personal Services Contracts (PSCs) (Tab 2); and
  • A summary chart on publicizing and competition for personal services contracts (Tab 3).