ADS Reference 306mag

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Extention of GovWorks Pilot and other Franchise Funds, and Reminder of Signatory Authority

Mandatory Reference for ADS 306

Reference Issuance Date: 11/18/2011
Policy Issuance Date: 07/14/2003
Responsible Office: M/OAA
File Name: 306mag_111811


2003, to run parallel to the government-wide Franchise Fund pilot which currently expires on that same date. It is anticipated that the government-wide pilot program will be extended again; however, in the event that it is not extended, USAID's pilot program will expire commensurate with the government-wide program. This extension limits the period during which interagency agreements may be issued to GovWorks, and is not intended as a restriction on the period of performance of the contracts awarded by GovWorks during the extension of the pilot phase.