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New Reference: 06/14/2007
Responsible Office: OAA/P
File Name: 302sar_061407_cd48


AAPD 04-11, issued August 31, 2004, revised the Agency policy for the reasons stated in its background section, and set a new standard for establishing the threshold for M/OAA Director approval of contractor salaries. Until AAPD 04-11 was issued, ADS 302, USAID Direct Contracting, contained Agency policy directives and required procedures regarding the threshold at which contract salaries required M/OAA Director approval and established a rate equivalent to Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM’s) Executive Service (ES)-6 level as the threshold. The USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR) cost principles and certain clauses also referred to the “ES-6 policy.” Since the issuance of AAPD 04-11 there have been a number of questions indicating that an update to and clarification of the policy and its references will help USAID contracting staff more effectively apply the policy.