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Guidance to Contracting Staff Regarding Business Class Travel for Contractors

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Revision Date: 05/05/2006
Responsible Office: OAA/P
File Name: 302sag_050506_cd44


On March 15, 2002, USAID issued a General Policy Notice: “Expanded Business Class Travel Policy” and referenced 6 FAM 147.2-4 Premium-Class Travel Other Than First-Class. This Notice applies ONLY to U.S. direct hire employees (DHs) and personal services contractors (PSCs). At this time it applies only to temporary duty travel (TDY) and NOT to transfer travel (assignment to post) and entitlement travel (rest and recuperation travel, emergency visitation, etc.). Further, the approval authority is at the Mission or Bureau level and is dependent on current funding levels--meaning if the Mission or Bureau doesn't have enough money available for business class, then the Mission can require standard/economy.