ADS Reference 201mav

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Foreign Assistance Act Sections 118 and 119 Tropical Forests and Biodiversity Analysis

A Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 201

Partial Revision Date: 01/15/2021
Responsible Office: DDI
File Name:201mav_011521


The purpose of this mandatory reference is to provide guidance on the Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) Sections 118 and 119, Tropical Forest and Biodiversity Analysis (hereafter referred to as the “analysis”) and the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) procedures for meeting the legislative requirement. The analysis is required in preparation for “each country development strategy statement or other country plan,” which currently includes country development cooperation strategies (CDCS) and strategic frameworks for limited presence countries. USAID policy also extends FAA 118/119 analyses to regional development cooperation strategies (RDCS). RDCS and CDCS are referred to collectively as R/CDCS in this document and the requirements listed in this document apply equally to strategic frameworks and other such country development strategy statements.