ADS Reference 201maf

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Performance Indicator Reference Sheet (PIRS) Guidance & Template

Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 201

New Edition Date: 09/07/2016
Responsible Office: PPL
File Name: 201maf_090716


A Performance indicator reference sheet (PIRS) is a tool USAID uses to define performance indicators; it is key to ensuring indicator data quality and consistency.
A PIRS is required for all performance indicators and must be complete within three months of the start of indicator data collection. When possible, a PIRS should be complete prior to data collection to ensure the indicator and its data collection methodology are clearly defined. This is critical to promote data quality. A PIRS must be consistent across all activities collecting data for the same indicator within a single Mission or Washington OU. An indicator’s PIRS must be accessible by relevant Mission or Washington OU staff using that indicator and shared with partners who will be collecting data for that indicator.