Development Information Solution (DIS)

Speeches Shim


System Name: Development Information Solution
Managing Office: Agency-wide
Date PIA Completed: June 8, 2018


For many years, USAID has expressed a strong need for a management solution to enable the strategic planning, design, budgeting, procurement, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of USAID’s portfolios of projects, activities, and supporting management functions. Despite the fact that numerous systems beyond USAID’s corporate systems have proliferated throughout Missions and Bureaus, it is not possible to use any one of these systems to gain a comprehensive picture of the activities USAID is carrying out in a specific geographic region. While these disparate systems may serve the needs of a single Mission or Bureau, their continued proliferation poses significant risks, in terms of information security and other data quality, and will cost the Agency millions in operations, maintenance, development, and other support costs over the next five years. Additionally, these legacy systems are not aligned with USAID’s Program Cycle.

Development Information Solution (DIS) will replace existing systems to build one overarching application to meet USAID needs. Users will be able to perform all their regular portfolio management tasks entirely within DIS. The system will have four (4) workstreams, which are the building blocks of the system, encompassing USAID’s programming processes. Each workstream will be developed and deployed in sequence.

  • Workstream #1 (the focus of this Privacy Impact Assessment [PIA]) encompasses performance monitoring and evaluation functions as well as a basic dashboard and reporting function.
  • Workstream #2 supports budget planning and monitoring, facilitating business pipelines and quarterly financial reviews.
  • Workstream #3 includes project design and procurement planning functions, supporting pre-procurement planning and producing acquisition and assistance plans.
  • Workstream #4 integrates data from across the other three workstreams and displays it in a portfolio viewer dashboard. The dashboard will provide data visualization tools and customizable graphics, making the data relevant and easy to analyze. The workstream will support standard reporting needs and also allow users to create custom reports.
Friday, June 8, 2018 - 3:30pm