Computer Coordinated Universal Retrieval Entry (C‐CURE)

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Privacy Impact Assessment

The Office of Security (SEC) provides centralized security support to the Agency and ensures that appropriate liaison with the Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence, Bureau of Research, and Bureau of Diplomatic Security is conducted on a daily basis. The Domestic Security Branch (SEC/ISP/DS) operates and controls the physical security programs for the USAID headquarters building and other USAID facilities in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

SEC/ISP/DS utilizes the Computer Coordinated Universal Retrieval Entry (C‐CURE) system to manage certain aspects of the automated facility access control system, including: Badge Management, automatic replication, revocation of badges, and automated access control for USAID workspaces within Ronald Reagan Building, SA‐44, SA‐41, and the USAID COOP Site.

The information in C‐CURE is collected from potential USAID employees and contractors during the employment process, and is mandatory for employment ‐‐ refusal to provide this information impacts hiring of the individual. Collection of this information is captured on an application form, AID Form 500‐1, Request for Federal Identification Card/Facility Access Card, by the requester through their Bureau/Independent Office Administrative Officer.

Categories of records maintained in the system are: card/number, personnel clearance, employment status of present USAID employees and contractors, and individual photo. SEC gathers this information so the individual employees of USAID can be verified that they are who they say they are when requesting assess to USAID office space or upon request of other USAID employees.

C‐CURE runs on a closed Windows network in the Ronald Reagan Building over a dedicated fiber connection. CCURE has no interconnections and remote access to the system is not permitted. C‐CURE is backed up at two locations (SA‐44 and the Agency COOP site) where the system can be accessed and operated, in the event that the primary server becomes inoperable.

Friday, July 15, 2016 - 1:00pm