Environmental Impact Assessment

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Villagers planting Barringtonia seedlings Siem reap Cambodia
Villagers planting Barringtonia seedlings Siem reap Cambodia
Jeremy Holden

As a federal government agency, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is subject to applicable U.S. environmental laws, regulations, Executive Orders and procedures that ensure the wise use of the taxpayer’s money. Effective implementation of these through state of the art environmental impact assessment ensures that the development activities USAID undertakes are not only economically sustainable but are protective of the world’s environment on which we and future generations all depend.

Implementation and compliance within USAID is coordinated and enforced by a team of professional environmental staff led by the Agency Environmental Coordinator and a network of Bureau Environmental OfficersRegional Environmental AdvisorsMission Environmental Officers and the Biosafety Review Advisor

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