ADS Reference 405maa

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Guidance for Additional Work-Related Costs Incurred as a Result of Mandated Telework

Mandatory Reference for ADS 405

New Edition Date: 05/15/2020
Responsible Office: HCTM
File Name: 405maa_051520


This document supplements ADS 405, Telework by providing guidance on using Agency funds to offset certain added telework expenses that are directly related to an employee performing telework in response to COVID-19.  The objective of this guidance is to continue the Agency’s critical foreign policy and national security functions.  This guidance applies to all USAID staff, including Direct-Hire employees, Personal Service Contractors, and fellows or individuals under inter-agency service or program agreements (Participating Agency Service Agreement/Participating Agency Program Agreement) working in the U.S. and overseas, but does not apply to institutional support contractor staff. Differences in guidance are noted by specific hiring type or contract mechanism below.